Treasure Chest

Fund Raiser

The Bridge Center was given an opportunity to clean out a couple houses in the  Pittsburgh area.  A man suggested we sell some of the items for income and we felt this is Father God's answer to raising funds for the various programs. Since we can fill the needs both physically and monetarily. In doing this we can take items that would be luxuries and sell them for income, while keeping other items for Heart2Heart Special Needs and other areas. 

BUT what comes into The Bridge Center locally from donations will still be going directly to the FREE giveaway first *

We have 2 categories we will put the items in:

  1. Items the ministry will use for Heart2Heart store. 
  2. For sale items to produce income for The Bridge Center.

Also along with this comes Furniture items. We sell a lot of them very cheap to The Bridge Center. But keep the antiques to sell online. 


  • Volunteers WHO CAN HELP LOAD and PACK the HOUSES ( this would be when we get new homes  to clean out) 
  • Volunteers to clean, separate and pack the items to be sold. 
  • Volunteers to help at the flea market.

Choose to be a one time volunteer or a regular volunteer; we will be happy with any time donated.

*If items donated to The Bridge Center are not taken by people after 4 weeks in Heart2Heart Store we reserve the right to sell them at the flea market or otherwise. To be put into The Bridge Center funds.