FeedMysheep is a mid-week church service. We share the love of God through music, preaching, and emphasis on Testimonies and Prayer requests. Hoping that many who would not attend a conventional service will attend. It is a relaxed atmosphere. Where people can ask questions, without feeling they have ” a dumb question.” Learn about Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. 

People have many testimonies of healings from prayers they received. Having found hope in sharing their victories and sorrows. 

We emphasize loving God and learning to follow his ways. By listening to Holy Spirit. 

It is directly after The Bridge Coffee hour and Before The Bridge Center lunch and Heart2Heart. 

We are growing, and The Bridge Center is the outcome of God uniting hearts of churches and businesses within the city to help those in need. It is a joint effort to provide a needed service. It is dependent upon all the give. From clothing, miscellaneous, hygiene, serving, making food, behind the scene workers, and all others. It cannot function without the help of all.  No one receives any income. It is people with a heart to serve and love others doing so in Unity. 

FeedMysheep outreach also grew into a community church service on Tuesday's. We hope that many of the people will find a Sunday church. But many consider this their church. We have watched many get healed from hurts and wounds, come to a relationship with God and learn how God loves them. 

Meal Providers & Food Servers

Clen-Moore Presbyterian

Third Presbyterian

St. Elias & St. George Orthodox

Kings Chapel, Croton, First United, Wesley United & Epworth United Methodist

Additional Services

Lending Library

Available for individuals to enjoy Christian books & videos

Coupon Book

Manufactures coupons for our participants to use to stretch their budgets