The Bridge Center

The Bridge Center is where people become friends and share life. Getting to know us and others that attend.  While supplementing their income. Some attend weekly, bi-monthly or monthly  while others stop in more sporadic. We encourage individuals to seek employment, find local resources to fit their need and help in any way we can. A good amount of our participants obtain jobs, this is great news but sad also since we don't get to see them if they work on Tuesday's. Life has "issues" and we encourage them to find a solution that fits.

​Lunch is served on Tuesdays by various local churches* who also supply the food. Our Heart2Heart store contains clothing, books, toys, and small household needs. All donated by individuals in the surrounding communities. We help a lot of working poor and SSD of all ages,and elderly. A  local bakery* provides day old bread weekly. This allows them to stretch their budget. A lot of items that leave Heart2Heart are for children and youth.

Children are in school during our Tuesday hours, but come summer they attend with their parents and grandparents. During the summer we offer a unique program geared towards them. Including lunch and a craft. This is ran by two local churches.*

We have a special needs room, that contains necessities for a house to operate efficiently. Like dishes, sheets and other items. We also offer hygiene items when available.  To take advantage of this you must sign up during our coffee hour. If things are available, we will hand them out during lunch. 

Furniture requests are matched up to donated items. However, due to limited space and workforce, we connect those who are wanting to donate furniture to the person needing the items. We do not handle the furniture personally; unless they meet for pickup at our building.  

Our coffee hour is a fellowship time in the morning. We offer a snack, coffee, tea, cocoa in the winter and lemonade in the summer. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with friends. We close the coffee hour at 11 am, to prepare for lunch. During this time all are welcome to attend FeedMysheep outreach, located in the upper part of the building. FeedMysheep outreach is where we meet spiritual needs.