The Start of FeedMySheep

In 2005 we heard the Lord’s call for us to do ministry in New Castle, PA. This began as simple outreach in the parking lot of a local beer distribution store (BEER4LESS).

From that parking lot the Lord led us to Harbor Heights, which is a nearby government housing development. There a small outreach ministry was founded. Initially, it started as simply going around asking if anyone needed prayer. This then grew into a Bible study being held in the development’s community room.

“I will never forget our first night, only nine people attend - followed by no one showing up for the next six weeks.”  – Pam Thiry

Then, the bible study began to come alive. After a few months, the Lawrence County Housing Authority, permitted us additional use of the Community Room to begin holding worship services as well as starting another bible study in the Community Room of McGrath Manor (another Lawrence County Community Housing Authority development). 

A few years later, the Lord gave us a third housing development for His ministry to New Castle, this one at Big Run. Here, the Lord pressed upon our heart to start a “giveaway” program similar to the one we had at BEER4LESS. 

In 2013, we recognized our need for a new building to house the ministry. We had an opportunity to share our vision with Pastor Gerald Maxwell, Jr., former Pastor of Full Gospel Deliverance Tabernacle.  The result was the Lord’s provision again – the parish church building was given to us as a gift and is the building we still reside in today.​

Scott & Pam Thiry

Scott manages the behind the scene workforce of The Bridge Center. While Co-Pastoring FeedMysheep Outreach with his wife. He loves to work one on one with the people. Watching people grow in Christ. 

Pam is the visionary. She Co-Pastors FeedMysheep Outreach with her husband. Emphasizing hearing God’s voice, the heart of forgiveness and loving yourself through knowing the Father's heart.
Pam and Scott reside in Lawrence County and have three grown children: one son and two daughters, as well as three grandchildren. When not at the ministry, they love spending time with their family.